Hey folks! This blog primarily exists so friends and family can easily keep track of me during my trek on the Pacific Crest Trail this summer. I’ll be heading out on my 2,660 mile hike May 6 and will likely finish sometime in September. I’m nervous, thrilled, and more excited than I can explain. Feel free to reach out and say hey!




11 thoughts on “Heyoooo”

  1. Hey Lady! Your count says 3 days to the PTC!! You’re gonna do great! Thanks so much for offering to share your experience with us via the interwebs! I really look forward to following along on your blog!

    Kudos kudos kudos!

  2. Good luck on your journey. You are a remarkable woman and I am proud to say we are related! Have fun and be safe. Will be sending prayers your way every day. Looking forward to following your blog! Love and hugs to you.

    1. Thank you SO much for the encouragement and kind words, I really appreciate all the support!! Love you guys!

  3. Hey Ellen! Just wanted to say hi! Almost 2 months in already! You go girl! We are all thinking about you here, and wishing you well!

  4. I am both envious and very proud of you. You are creating memories that you will carry the rest of your life. Keep it up & congratulations on your accomplishment so far!! I am with you in spirit. Go Ellen go!

    1. Thanks so much for the kind words and good vibes!! It’s been great so far, challenging and beautiful! I’m excited to share stories and photos with you all when I get home!

  5. Hey!!! Think of you often and say prayers for a safe journey. Happy birthday we hope you had a wonderful day!!! Love ❤️ mom and dad Innis.

  6. Hi Ellen! I made back to Salt Lake after a wonderful tour singing on the Coast Starlight Amtrak up to Seattle. It was so great to meet you on your birthday up at Crater Lake. Peter and I jumped in the next day! So incredible. Your interview will air next Tuesday August 22nd at http://www.indieairradio.com/trains-trails-troubadours/ at 8am and 7pm Pacific Time
    A podcast will be available for download the day after. Thank you so much for coming to my little performance that day. Meeting you was so so inspiring!

    Keep it up! Love Gigi

  7. Everyone will be ecstatic to see you and hear about your fantastic journey. You are an inspiration for all of the women who might have thoughts about what life holds for them and how to achieve wonderful experiences. You are seeing nature up close and personal and I can only imagine it through what you are sharing with us. Love you Ellen

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